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Our Team

Fatuma Musau is a Certified Addiction Professional, Trainer  and a recovery coach with over 20 years of experience in Addiction Treatment.She is fully committed to the reality that full recovery from the impact of untreated addiction is possible and draws on her personal experience with addiction and recovery to convey Strength and Hope to her  clients and their families.

Fatuma heads a multidisciplinary team that include a consulting Psychiatric Dr, Psychologists, Certified addiction professionals and medical personnel who work towards ensuring quality care.

  • Consulting psychiatrists doctors:
    Their role is to ensure that our patients mental health well being is well taken care of through mental status examinations, making diagnosis, prescription of treatment as well as re assuring our patients
  • Nurses:
    We have registered psychiatrist nurses that are part of the multi disciplinary team, their role is to ensure they coordinate with the consulting psychiatrists in order to offer the most appropriate care to our patients as well as reassuring them during treatment.
  • Addiction professionals:
    They have knowledge, skills and attitudes in the addiction field, they ensure that they apply principles of effective treatment as well as working with the patients towards choosing recovery.
  • Psychologists:
    Their role is to help our patients address their psychological issues, as they help them process significant events in their past, as well as empowering them with healthy life coping techniques.
  • Housekeepers:
    This team ensures that our institution remains a far away home from home, keeping all the corners of the home clean, doing laundry and ensuring that all our patients are sleeping in clean comfortable ironed beddings.
  • Farmers / gardeners:
    They work towards ensuring that we have a constant supply of different organic foods from our farm.
  • Chefs:
    Their role is to ensure each and every patients nutritional needs are well taken care of as well as preparing balanced meals through out to ensure our patients physical well being is catered for.
  • The security personnel:
    Their role is to ensure the security of the patients as well as the institution, ensuring no outsiders access the institution to sabotage our patients recovery process.

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