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Medically Monitored Detoxification Withdrawing from drugs/alcohol is a delicate process that needs to be monitored by qualified medical personnel, a psychiatric Dr. doctor and 24 hour nursing staff. Once the team has established the substances that the client has been abusing through toxicology tests they proceed with the detox protocol.

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Why Work with Us


Zawena Treatment Center is a premier provider of scientifically driven, behavioral health services to those suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. We have a team of multi-disciplinary professional care givers.

Care & Culture

Our goal at Zawena Treatment Center is to re-empower those that are trapped and suffering from substance use disorder. We also ensure our patients’ needs are well taken care of, and they are in the process of living an accountable and excited sober life.


Growth and development, free of substance dependence for our patients. Enlightenment of families and community in the stigma, care and support of those affected.